Tripsy Gypsy Kirsten Woodward at Lost Parrot Cabins, Austin, TX

Caribbean-Style Resort in Texas Hill Country

Neon colors, tropical foliage and eclectic decor evoke Key West in an unlikely locale.

  • Location:  The Lost Parrot Cabins resort is nestled on a secluded piece of property 40 minutes from the airport in Austin, TX
  • Amenities: Cozy kitchenette bungalows, outdoor pool, hot tub, live outdoor music on the weekends¬†
  • Tripsy Gypsy‚Äôs Musings: You travel on a dirt road to get here, which sets the mood, and you completely feel like you have arrived at a Caribbean paradise. The entire resort is an explosion of neon color. Parking is outside the gates of the resort. Upon arrival I was greeted by the owner, who escorted me and my luggage in a golf cart down the rugged path to my private bungalow. The secluded setting is adorned by treetop decks, tropical scenery, hammocks, hand-painted murals, a refreshing hillside pool, hot tub, gazebo, picnic tables, meandering nature trails, native rock walls, all while being less than a mile from the south shores of Lake Travis. My bungalow had a manually operated garage door that opened to a massive private deck with a table, chairs, a sofa and a hammock overlooking dense, jungle-like foliage. Exiting the front door of the bungalow are nature trails for hiking, or a shortcut up to the pool, which is open 24/7 and provided an opportunity for the most glorious midnight swim. Wandering the property was an artistic dream. Everywhere you look, there are funky and wonderfully odd creations which boggle the mind and provide amusement.
  • Cost: $$$. 

For more information or to book your stay, contact Lost Parrot Cabins

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