Bock's Jukepoint Magical Barn, Amherst, Ohio

Kick Back in a Recycled ‘Magical Barn’ and Saloon

Spend the night in a barn converted to a honky tonk saloon with sleeping loft!

  • Location: The Magical Barn at Bock’s Jukejoint is set on a farm 28 miles west of Cleveland in Amherst, OH, close to Lake Erie and Oberlin College. It is very rural while being only a two minute drive to Highway 190 and the turnpike. 
  • Amenities: Loft with king-size bed and open concept clawfoot tub; bathroom on lower level with toilet and sink; kitchenette including fridge, microwave, sink, toaster, coffee pot, dishes; shuffleboard table.
  • Tripsy Gypsy’s Musings: A recycled barn surrounded by fruit orchards, Bock’s Jukejoint is the ideal inspirational spot for musicians, artists, and writers. The hodgepodge of trippy paraphernalia, twinkle lights and vintage oddities will send one into sensory overload, while the serene outdoors offers beautiful tranquility. There is no shower in the barn, and the petite clawfoot tub may be a challenge for some, but along with the provided bath salts and accoutrements and the pastoral view, I found it to be absolutely spa-like. Since my visit they have added an outdoor shower and tub which, while still providing a level of privacy due to the remote location, some may still want to don a bathing suit. Heads up: There are fake cannons that run during cherry picking season to keep the birds off the cherry trees from mid-June to mid-July). There is no A/C but the owners state that the barn is well-ventilated with the help of a ceiling fan and industrial floor fans. Since I visited in the spring, I can’t attest to summertime comfort.
  • Cost: $$.

For more information or to book your stay, contact Bock’s Jukejoint

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