The Barn Loft, Fayetteville, WV

Roughing It in a Quaint, Shabby Chic Barn Loft 

If you’re not into camping but like the idea of roughing it, this down-home West Virginia dwelling may be just the ticket.

  • Location: The Barn Loft is near the outdoor enthusiasts’ paradise of New River Gorge, and walking distance from downtown Fayetteville — where you’ll find locally owned restaurants, antique resellers, outdoor outfitters, and charming historical buildings.
  • Amenities: 1 queen bed; bathroom in nearby main house.
  • Tripsy Gypsy’s Musings: I found this place charming beyond words, but it is not for those who require luxurious comfort. When you enter on the lower level of the barn, there is a one-story vertical ladder to climb to get to the loft. You don’t have to be particularly agile, fit, or youthful, but you do need to be able to climb the ladder with whatever belongings you are bringing. There is also no air conditioning nor heat and there are open slats in the boards, so bugs can get in. And there is no bathroom facility or water supply of any kind in the barn. That being said, there is a fan in the summertime and the loft is cooler than the main level, especially with the loft door open. Bugs were not an issue during my stay, but at night I did close the mosquito netting  around the bed. There were cats wandering around outside, but I did not see any of them in the barn or the loft area. And while you have to walk to the main house to use the bathroom facilities, they were clean and private, and I even enjoyed a relaxing bath.
  • Cost: $. 

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