Wander Inn, Round Top, TX

Texas Inn Pays Homage to Thelma & Louise

Bathing with Brad Pitt at this small town outpost is just one of many appealing options.

  • Location: The Wander Inn is just over an hour east of Austin in Round Top, TX — or, as they like to say, “at the crossroads of wonder & wander.” The town has a population of less than 100, but is one of the biggest antiquing locations in the country.
  • Amenities: Two queen beds; side-by-side clawfoot tubs; shower; small fridge; Keurig coffee maker; and hot homemade buttermilk biscuits delivered to your door in the morning
  • Tripsy Gypsy’s Musings: I had been following the Junk Gypsies for decades, purchasing clothing, jewelry and home items galore through their website. When I learned they were opening an inn, I knew it would not disappoint. The country town of Round Top is an antiquers dream, but the dream goes into overdrive when you come upon the expansive Junk Gypsy farm. There are quirky old pink and turquoise vehicles and neon signs and retro campers and outdoor baths and sinks. It’s wild! The central feature is the monstrous gift shop, which took me at least two hours to navigate, making sure I did not miss anything. Behind the store are the inn and four private dwellings. But Thelma’s Garage — their newest addition — takes the cake. The industrial chic vibe of the converted garage includes oversized murals depicting scenes from the movie “Thelma and Louise,” including a full wall showcasing a shirtless Brad Pitt overlooking the side-by-side clawfoot tubs. (A magnificent backdrop for a ladies’ weekend.) There is a record player with a selection of vintage vinyls and your own brick patio with rocking chairs and a firepit. You will definitely want to take the time to wander the 65-acre property and giggle at all the odd and wonderful pieces of artwork just camping out there. Be sure to take a soak afterward in one of their stock tank cowboy pools! In addition to Thelma’s Garage, there are three other dwellings on the property worth a mention:
    • The Star House has a large common living area and 4 separate rooms with private baths. There is a room washed in ornate whites and neutrals, one with turquoise and orange ombre designs, and one with an amazing dream catcher chandelier. 
    • The Crown House has the wheelchair-accessible Country Delight Room with a massive metal vintage “Country Delight” sign serving as the headboard and a vintage velvet-cut love seat at the foot of the bed; another with a vintage Texas map showcased in the bathroom, and the electric reds and turquoises of the Vagabond Room. 
    • The Gypsy Farmhouse has a king-size bedroom downstairs and two bedrooms upstairs with two queen beds in each room, 2.5 baths, a large kitchen with pots and pans and dishes, and it’s pet-friendly. It’s the perfect place for a family or ladies’ getaway. 
  • Cost: $$$.

For more information or to book your stay, contact Junk Gypsy’s Wander Inn

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