Tripsy Gypsy Kirsten Woodward and husband at Jules Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, FL

Dive into Underwater Slumber in Key Largo

How many people can say they scuba dived down to their underwater lodging for the night?!? There’s only one place in the U.S. you can get that kind of aquatic experience.

  • Location: A unique adventure awaits you at Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Largo — the first island in the string of Florida Keys.
  • Amenities: No need to be scuba certified, as they give you a mini lesson and guide you down to the lodge to ensure you arrive safely. All scuba gear provided. Underwater dinner and breakfast delivered to you. Your very basic overnight belongings are delivered to you. Videotapes/DVDs available to watch. 
  • First of all, they suggest you spend one night, checking in late afternoon and leaving mid-morning, which is all the time you will want to spend there, as fabulous as it is. Prior to arriving at the lodge, there are super fun outdoor restaurants, so I would suggest you grab a bite of lunch. And upon arrival, there is a very cute gift shop. You are met by your scuba instructor who gives you a brief lesson in scuba diving, suits you up, and leads you on your scuba diving journey down to the lodge. If you’re at all uncomfortable, the instructor will hold your hand and lead you to a hose which you can grasp onto and follow to the lodge. You emerge in a holding area under the lodge. It’s kind of like coming up from swimming underwater and exiting a pool. You are immediately greeted by the porta potties. Not the best smell, but completely tolerable. There are no bathing facilities. You then move up into the living quarters, which consists of a small sitting and dining area on one side, and bunk beds on the other. Your basic necessities (change of clothes, toothbrush, camera, cell phone) are transported down with you in a waterproof container. At 6 pm, a diver arrives with the pizza of your choice for dinner. And in the morning the refrigerator is stocked with basic continental breakfast. Mid-morning, a diver comes down, packs up your stuff, and leads you to dry land. There are windows in the lodge (murky as they may be) where you can watch sea life in action. And for your entertainment overnight, you may watch their old school underwater movies or utilize their WiFi. They will bring down a tablet upon request if it fits into their waterproof container. There is a glass-enclosed mini gift case in the lodge that had on display a fabulous painted metal octopus that I felt I could not live without. Since they didn’t have any in the gift shop, our diver went back to the lodge to retrieve one for me. The staff is exceptionally pleasant and accommodating.
  • Cost: $$$$. The lodge is rented to one person/group per night (six maximum).

For more information or to book your stay, contact Jules’ Undersea Lodge

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